The Skin Safety Test

Step 1 - Prepare Your Skin & The Device

Prepare your skin by exfoliating and shaving the intended treatment area(s).

Power on your device by pressing and holding the Power Button (3) on the side of the device until the LED screen display turns on.

NOTE: The device needs to be plugged in during use

Please read through all of the instructions thoroughly, as the misuse of you device could lead to injury or bodily harm.

Step 2 - Identify Test Spot & Test Device

Identify a single inconspicuous spot of your skin within the treatment area, somewhere that is not easily visible (e.g. if you are treating your legs, find a small spot on the inside of your ankle; if you are using the device on your face, try completing the test on the underside of your chin).

The area you will test should be no larger than the width of the device.
This is your Test Spot.

With the device set to level 1, hold the device against your skin.

Do not press hard enough that the glass on the device head touches your skin. The only part of the device that should be in contact with your skin is the plastic perimeter surrounding the head of the device.

WARNING: Pressing the glass against your skin may result in burns and/or scarring.

Step 3 - Find Your Intensity Level

Flash the device on your Test Spot with the device at level 1.

Wait 5 seconds.

Flash the device again on your Test Spot at level 1.

Wait 5 seconds.

Flash the device one final time on your Test Spot at level 1.

Repeat the above steps at each level (increase levels by pressing the Power Button. There are 7 total levels). Repeat until you get to the highest level you can tolerate without pain.

This is your Treatment Level.

Step 4 - Final Spot Test

Prepare your skin as mentioned in Step1 (Exfoliate and shave).Turn on the device and set it to your Treatment Level indicated in Step 3.

Flash the device on your Test Spot. Wait 5 seconds.Flash the device on your Test Spot. Wait 5 seconds.Flash the device on your Test Spot.

Step 5 - Complete Skin Safety Test!

If you complete the steps above and do not have a skin reaction, you have successfully completed the Skin Safety Test and your skin is ready for treatment for the area that you completed the Skin Safety Test in.

NOTE: If you intend to treat a different area of your body (i.e. your arms, bikini, etc), please repeat steps 2-7 above before beginning treatment. Different areas of your skin can have different reactions to treatment.

NOTE: Do not begin treatment without completing the entirety of the Skin Safety Test.

If you have a reaction to the IPL Device at any time during use, immediately
DISCONTINUE use and contact our team at A reaction can be defined as any of the following: