Quicker, Longer-Lasting Results

PRO Membership

Get your treatment plan and stick to your schedule to get quicker, longer lasting results with the Nood Pro Membership.

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What They’re Saying

We love it for the sensitive skin around the bikini area.

Compact, beginner-friendly, and portable for on-the-go use, I highly recommend adding this best-seller to your daily self-care routine.

Makes skin smooth and even.

Let’s start with the most important point. Nood works.

Personalized Treatment Plan

Get a personalized treatment plan based on your skin tone, hair color, and area of use to get the quickest and longest lasting results possible.

Never Miss A Treatment

Consistency is the most important factor in getting long lasting results and unfortunately the hardest part of treatment. We help you stick to your treatment plan with SMS reminders sent out on the days you choose to do treatments.

Track Your Progress

Check in on your progress and see where you stand on your path towards permanent hair removal.

PRO Membership
GO PRO - ONLY $9 Membership is $9/month. Cancel anytime.