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On week 7 of Nood! I wanted to target a lot of different parts, spread over three sections (days) twice a week, six days a week total. Yes, that is a lot of commitment, but I am super serious about hair removal and am 100% over shaving and ingrowns. Nood is cheaper than professional LHR and I can keep this forever with proven results. - Kerry D.

I have wasted thousands of dollars at dermatologists with laser hair removal. Here is a photo of my legs ONE day after shaving before Nood. The second photo is my legs THREE days after shaving while using Nood. It’s unreal. My legs feel smooth and the hair is much less visible. Seriously, cannot recommend this enough. - Laura McGraw

So far so good! Consistency and patience is definitely the most important thing to remember when using this! I’m over 8 weeks in and I’m starting to see results for my underarms and bikini area (images show before and after for underarms only) - Madeline Conover

Completely painless! Easy to use and worth the money. Before and after pictures attached to see the transformation! - Rose Engel

I’ve been using the Nood Flasher 2.0 for about 5-6 weeks and I’m already noticing less hair growth. I don’t shave nearly as often now. I started with my arm pits & bikini line (I’ll go for the legs in the winter, lol) and I’m loving the results so far. - Holy Schramm

I've always been self-conscious of the hair on my stomach, so when I saw something that I could do myself that might eliminate it's growth, I wanted to give it a try. I've been faithfully using Nood 2-3 times per week for the past 41 days on my chin/neck, underarms, stomach, bikini line and legs. You can see from the pictures, I've had a bit of hair reduction already. Both sets of before and after photos were taken 1 week after my most recent shave. - Lauren B

It’s a long process but this product works 😊 Check out the before and after pics below of my armpit! - Nicole Devine

Been using for a couple of weeks and already seeing pretty significant reduction in hair regrowth week to week. - Rose J.

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