Top 3 Hair Removal Mistakes

Waxing. Shaving. Lasering. 

If there’s a will, there’s a way to remove unwanted hair. And though you’ve spent years removing hair, there may be a better way that reduces irritations and the bite back of an unhappy hoo-ha. 

Here are the 3 top mistakes that make hair removal a big pain in the follicle.

Ready for a modern option to hair removal?

#1 The Bite of Painful Pustules aka Ingrown Hair 

Ingrown hair isn’t just born, it’s made. These painful pustules are made when exfoliation is skipped before hair removal.


Exfoliating removes all those dry, dead skin cells that just hang around on the surface like paparazzi hovering around the Kardashians. The problem is that these dead guys will clog pores. Each pore is an opening to a hair follicle. Do you see where this is going?

A clogged pore is a plugged follicle that traps hair. A trapped hair just coils inward as it grows, becoming a painful pustule. OUCH!!

Even worse, when you shave, tweeze or wax without exfoliating first to remove that top layer of dead skin cells, it’s an invitation for infection. That’s right. An ingrown hair that doesn’t clear up can turn into an even more painful bacterial infection. Avoid at all costs!

#2 Going Against the Grain Causes Pain - Improper Technique

Whether you wax or shave, there’s a right way and a wrong way.

For waxing, it’s all about applying the wax in the right direction of hair growth. And when ripping off the wax, it’s imperative to hold the skin in the opposite direction of hair growth. And hold on tight. It takes a good strong pull to separate that wax from your skin and hair. 

For shaving, there are tons of techniques that impact your end results. From exfoliation to water temperature, to blade condition, shave cream, the direction of shaving…and more. 

For instance, shaving in a hot bath is a no, no. 

Dry shaving is a no, no, especially if you didn’t exfoliate first and all those dead skin cells are just waiting to fall into a pore. 

And don’t even put that dull old blade on your sensitive skin. That’s just asking for skin irritations, burns, and skin bumps. 

**Danger that old blade tugs more, making micro-tears in the skin, which opens the door for (you guessed it) an infection!

No one wants to have an infection anywhere near their armpits, let alone by their  “Whisker Biscuit.”   

Getting the right technique down directly impacts the quality of your hair removal and whether or not your hoo-ha will hate you later.

#3 Shave Time & Money Vampires

The wheel of constant hair removal doesn’t just suck away your time, it drains away lots of money. 

How many minutes a week does it take to properly exfoliate, shave, and slather on aftercare products? A month? For years?

How many hours do you spend getting prepped for wax, getting waxed, then getting some very soothing aftercare? 

It all adds up to days and months of your life spent shaving and waxing.

Then there’s the $$ Cost

When you multiply monthly costs for waxing and shaving over years, it ends up costing more than a trip to the beach in Ibiza. 

Check this out. A year of… 

  • waxing costs $500

  • laser from a clinic costs $5,000.

What about shaving your thinking, right? It’s cheaper. Not so fast. The average cost per month for razor blades is $40. And for one year of shaving, that’s $480.

What if you didn’t have to worry about ingrown hairs ever again?

What if you could cut all hair removal costs to almost nothing?

What if you STOP wasting years shaving or waxing?

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