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Your Hair Habits Horoscope

Confident Aries, you don’t need a complicated routine. In fact, you like to keep it simple so you can focus on what you’re passionate about. Simplifying your routine by permanently reducing hair growth with the Flasher 2.0 minimizes the time you spend getting ready so you can get back to it.

Ruled by Venus, goddess of beauty, Taurus takes their personal care routines very seriously. You know what looks good on yourself and others and you can’t be convinced otherwise. You also stay on top of the latest and greatest beauty trends, like using at-home IPL hair removal with the Flasher 2.0 from Nood.

Dynamic, multifaceted Gemini, you are serious about your appearance but tend to jump around with your routine. While it’s exciting to try a bunch of new things, you benefit from a few constant solutions. Using the Flasher 2.0 to reduce unwanted hair anywhere it grows is worth sticking with.

Sentimental but easily-stressed Cancer, you fantasize about the look of your dreams and are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it, but avoid overwhelming yourself. Straightforward personal care solutions like using the Flasher 2.0 to remove unwanted hair makes reaching your dream look stress-free.

Leo with your flowing mane, you are obsessed with your looks, especially your hair, but not just the hair on your head. Tame hair anywhere on your body with the Flasher 2.0 so you don’t end up missing the events you wanted to be the center of attention of, spending too much time getting ready.

Meticulous, perfectionist Virgo, you master any beauty trend you put your mind to. So when it comes to removing unwanted hair, it has to be done completely, perfectly, and on your terms. Luckily the Flasher 2.0 reduces hair by 80%which is perfect for an at-home solution.

Natural beauty Libra, you love to balance your effortless aesthetic with a simple routine and don’t enjoy spending too much time on your appearance. Permanently reducing unwanted hair with the Flasher 2.0 saves you that precious time and effort in your everyday routine.

Mysterious Scorpio, you love to share a selfie when you’re feeling yourself, but you’ll never reveal your beauty secrets. Are your underarms naturally hairless or did you use the Flasher 2.0 from Nood? You’ll never tell, and neither will we.

Adventurous Sagittarius, you are willing to try new things to achieve your grooming goals, especially if it saves you time in your jet setting lifestyle. Rather than hauling razors on adventures, using the Flasher 2.0 to go bare ensures you never have to worry about grooming while on the road.

Poised and dignified Capricorn, you hold yourself to high standards especially in how you present yourself. Since you always want to appear chic and pulled-together, removing unwanted hair with the Flasher 2.0 from Nood will help you achieve that sleek, sharp appearance you crave.

Aquarius, you thrive on being innovative and original, but you also like to keep things fuss-free. You are the first to go bare faced, opting for a simple and natural look which is why it’s no surprise that you’re also happiest going bare elsewhere with the Flasher 2.0 to remove unwanted hair wherever it grows.

Soulful and spiritual Pisces, you are remarkably plugged in to people around you and collective trends. You are the first to notice when personal care movements start going viral. As a tastemaker, the Flasher 2.0 IPL device from Nood helps you stay on the leading edge of personal care before it’s cool.

We see a hair-free future in your

astrological forecast!

No matter your Zodiac, this is your sign to realign and simplify your hair habits with the Flasher 2.0 from Nood. It’s written in the stars!

Up to 80% reduction in hair for meticulous Virgos

Results as soon as 8 weeks for speedy Aries

For homebody Cancers, use at home on your schedule

Pain-free, skin safe, FDA cleared IPL technology for stringent Capricorns

No more waxing, shaving, or expensive lasering to satisfy your inner Venus

Less time spent shaving or trimming

Intense Pulsed Light Technology

The Flasher 2.0 uses breakthrough IPL (intense pulsed light) technology to slowly kill your hair follicles from the root, which means no more shaving, no more razor burn, and no more ingrown hairs. 

intense pulsed light technology
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The Noodist Kit

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Say goodbye to unwanted hair in 8 weeks or less guaranteed. The Noodist Kit includes our three best selling products, The Flasher 2.0, The Reviver and The Revealer. Designed to permanently reduce hair growth hair with your skin in mind.


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“I have to admit, as a former certified laser technician I was initially skeptical about the effectiveness of this device. Not only did it WORK, but it wasn’t painful either! Win/Win!!! Kudos Nood!”

Jessica Imbriglio

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