How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

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A lot of factors play into the average cost of laser hair removal. Everything matters, from where you to live to the areas of the body you want to target. Cost can also vary based on professional vs. at-home hair removal treatments

Yes, you can safely and effectively take care of unwanted hair without leaving your house.

Let’s talk real dollars and what you should expect when you book laser hair removal treatment.

Actual Costs of Laser Hair Removal

The size of the area you treat is the biggest driving force in the cost of each treatment. We’ll get into the nitty gritty on other factors later, but the larger the treatment area, the more you’ll spend to remove unwanted hair.

Small areas

Smaller areas of the body are less expensive for a simple reason: it takes less time to treat those areas. The ranges below are estimates per treatment that you’ll likely see when you book professional laser hair removal treatments. 



Upper lip










Basic bikini line


Extended bikini line


Brazilian bikini


Full face


*Keep in mind that these price ranges are baselines. 

Large areas

Large treatment areas may seem less complicated than smaller areas, but treatment cost is related to how much time a session takes. Pricing here can vary substantially based on hair type and the estimated number of sessions you’ll need to get these areas hair-free.











Lower legs




Full arms




Full legs


By the way, full-body hair removal starts at around $900 per treatment session.

What factors into laser hair removal prices?

  • Your location: Laser hair removal in a large urban area will likely cost more than a smaller market. That said, a larger business may be more likely to offer package deals or special financing on laser treatments.
  • Type of facility: A dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon will likely charge more for laser hair removal than a med spa. That certainly doesn’t mean you can’t have a great experience at a lower cost. It’s more about the experience level of your provider.
  • Consultation fees: Some facilities charge a consultation fee for the time spent discussing your needs and making a treatment plan.
  • Type of equipment: A high-end clinic with the latest in laser technology will likely charge more per session. Some cosmetic spas may also vary pricing based on the type of laser used for your treatment
  • Credentials and experience level of your provider: A well-known provider may be able to get away with charging premium prices for their services. Experience is important in efficient, safe, and effective treatments, but know that it may come at a price.
  • Your sex: Unique pricing for men and women has more to do with hair type than anything else. Men often have courser hair that is easier for a laser to detect, so it may cost less. Men may also have more hair, which can cost more. It depends on the provider.
  • Size of the treated area: Treating larger areas of the body like your legs, thighs, or back will cost more than zapping away peach fuzz on your upper lip. It takes more time and light energy.
  • Treatment time: How long your hair removal takes is directly linked to the size of the treatment area. A 10-15 minute appointment to target facial hair will cost much less than an hour-long appointment targeting both legs.
  • Hair and skin type: We’ve already mentioned that lasers like thick, coarse hair best. Fine hair that is more difficult to detect may require more sessions and a higher out-of-pocket cost. The same goes for skin type. The lighter the skin, the less time it may take.
  • Number of sessions: Your cost can depend on the number of treatments you need for long-term results. One laser hair removal session will only target one hair growth cycle. You’ll need to return a few times to target follicles at different stages.
  • Post-care products: Sunscreen or soothing gels to prevent potential side effects are often extra.

How many sessions of laser hair removal will I need? You will likely need between 4-6 treatment sessions of laser hair removal for the hair-free results you’re seeking. Your provider will time your sessions around your hair growth cycle. 

How long does laser hair removal last? Laser hair removal can last for years. Most people experience permanent hair reduction in targeted areas. Some may need touchups after a recommended course of treatment, but over time, the hair should be much sparser.

It’s not like waxing, which pulls hair at the root. Laser hair removal methods work by targeting your hair follicles. A heated laser light hits the pigment, or melanin, in those follicles and damages them enough to slow or stop regrowth.

Laser hair removal works best when there’s a noticeable contrast between your skin tone and your hair. That means it won’t work with very dark skin or very light hair. People with lighter skin and dark hair get the most out of laser hair removal.

Will Insurance Help?

Laser hair removal treatments typically aren’t covered by insurance. If your extra body hair is caused by a medical condition or is causing one, your doctor may be able to convince your insurance company to chip in. Those cases are rare though.

You’re more likely to find a medical spa or dermatology office that will work with you on financing your laser hair removal procedure. That can mean low- to zero-interest financing options over the course of your treatment plan.

Laser Hair Removal at Home

If you’re a good candidate, there are loads of benefits of laser hair removal. It’s one of the safest permanent solutions for hair reduction out there. Over time, that means no more plucking or tweezing or finding the perfect razors.

On top of soft, smooth skin, free of ingrown hairs, it can even improve the surrounding skin in some cases. 

Laser hair removal at home packs even more benefits. It’s more convenient, efficient, and comfortable to take care of those underarms at home. It’s also way more cost-effective. 

Laser technology is revolutionary but can get expensive. At-home laser hair removal means you pay a one-time fee for an at-home device, saving you money in the long run. 

If you choose Nood, you’ll only pay $189 for your handset. Pay with Shop Pay and Nood is yours for 4 interest-free payments of only $47. 

You can also try Nood risk-free. 

We’re so confident that you’ll love your skin even more after a few sessions with our handset that each purchase comes with a 90-day money back guarantee. Try The Flasher 2.0 today for permanent hair reduction within 6-8 weeks. (Seriously — our customers love to share how well it works!)

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