How Much Does Full Body Laser Hair Removal Cost?

How Much Does Full Body Laser Hair Removal Cost?

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How much does laser hair removal cost for your entire body? Depending on where you live and whether or not you see a pro, full-body laser hair removal costs anywhere from $11,200 to $24,000. 

This may also change depending on the treated area(s) you choose, the type of laser your aesthetician uses, and your skin and hair type.

For the average human, dealing with unwanted hair is the hygiene routine that will take up the most time. From puberty until you decide to stop, that chore is a part of your life. Fortunately, permanent hair removal is possible.

Laser hair removal is a great option for keeping areas of the body hair-free without spending X-hours-per-month shaving.

What’s Included In the Cost Of Laser Hair Removal

The cost of laser hair removal includes:

  • Consultation time: The clinician will assess the treatment area to make adjustments to the laser. If it’s your second or subsequent session, you’ll discuss any changes in hair growth.
  • Pre-treatment skincare: Topical anesthetic will be applied to the area.
  • Laser treatment: The clinician will use the laser to target hair follicles, passing over the area 2-3 times.
  • Post-treatment skincare: Soothing gels or sunscreen will typically be applied after the laser treatment.

Average Laser Hair Removal Prices

Most offices list exact pricing for specific areas on their websites, but very few have a full-body option on the menu — but don’t worry, we did find some

Let’s start with the price ranges we found for various parts of the body:

Typical Base Pricing for Small Areas (Per Session)

Body Area Cost Per Session
Chin $50-$75
Upper lip $50-$75
Forehead/between eyebrows $55-$95
Hands/Toes/Feet $75-$120
Sideburns $75-$125
Underarms $75-$100
Basic bikini line $100-$150
Extended bikini line $150-$200
Brazilian bikini $175-$250
Full face $195-$250

Typical Base Pricing for Large Areas (Per Session)

Body Area Cost Per Session
Shoulders $135-$250
Forearms $155-$225
Abdomen $155-$300
Buttocks $165-$275
Chest $165-$300
Lower legs $200-$305
Thighs $200-$305
Full arms $250-$325
Back $295-$425
Full legs $395-$600

Typical Base Pricing for Full-Body Laser Hair Removal (Per Session)

Full Body Laser Hair Removal $2800-4000

Note that these prices are a baseline cost per session. For permanent results, full-body treatment could cost upwards of $20k.

Many clinics and medspas offer intro pricing, free consultations, and laser hair removal packages. It’s definitely worth researching and reading reviews before committing to a treatment plan.

Does full body laser hair removal include private parts? Yes, full-body laser hair removal should include private parts. They can’t call it a full-body session if they don’t treat your full body — including your downstairs.

Or You Could Try Nood and Buy a Car or Something

How much would it cost to permanently remove all body hair? Using the pricing we found, it could cost anywhere from $11,200 to $24,000. With Nood, you can cut that down to under $200.

If you want to nix unwanted body hair without breaking the bank — or leaving home — give Nood a try. IPL devices are just as safe and effective as laser hair removal. (We’ve got the reviews to back us up.) Added bonus? They’re less painful.

You can use the Flasher 2.0 anywhere hair grows.  Every handset comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. So if you hate it, you can return it and go get a half leg laser treatment!

The Flasher™ 2.0

The Flasher™ 2.0


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Laser Hair Removal Treatment Fast Facts

Need more information on laser hair removal? We’ve got you covered.

1. Permanent Results Require Multiple Treatment Sessions

Not all hair has the same growth cycle, and the laser works best on hair that is actively growing. 

That means to see the hair reduction you want, you’ll need enough sessions to hit every follicle during its active growth phase a few times. This will typically take 6-8 sessions. After that, most industry pros recommend a touch-up session every 6-12 months.

2. Lasers Target Darker Hair

So far, we don’t have laser technology to target all hair and skin types. The laser targets the melanin in hair and needs some contrast to find it. That also means some lasers won’t work for very dark skin or very light hair. 

If you’re not sure you’ll be able to use laser because you have darker skin with dark hair or very light hair, check with a dermatologist or esthetician. We also break down the specifics of skin tone and hair colors that laser works best for here.

If you’re interested in at-home IPL treatment, here’s our handy table of hair/skin pigment combos the Flasher 2.0 can treat:

Laser Hair Removal Skin and Hair Types Chart

3. Waxing Will Become a No-No

Between sessions, feel free to keep shaving. But hair removal methods that pull out the whole hair will slow down your progress. That means no waxing, plucking or threading. Depilatory creams may impact the hair below the surface of your skin too, so steer clear of those.

4. Laser Hair Removal is FDA-Approved & Totally Safe

While you may experience some redness or irritation after a session, this won’t last long. More severe side effects are extremely rare

In fact, compared with the risks of other hair removal methods — nicks, razor burn, rashes, and ingrown hairs — laser treatment might be the safest bet.

5. There Will Be Some Discomfort

Does the laser hurt? The laser can be painful for some. Depending on the hair type, the laser will cause varying level of discomfort. Most people liken the sensation to being flicked with a hot rubber band. The pain subsides quickly, so by the end of the session, you should feel fine.

For what it’s worth, it’s much less painful to use IPL (or even laser) than electrolysis.

6. Your Full-Body Session Will Take Some Time

How long does it take to laser the whole body? It takes about 2-3 hours to laser the whole body.

While this seems extreme, bear in mind that you’ve probably already spent that much time shaving since your last birthday. Unless it was yesterday, in which case, happy belated birthday!

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