Is Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Worth It?

Is Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Worth It?

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Going through with Brazilian Laser Hair Removal saves time and money in the long run. These FDA-approved treatments target hair follicles, destroying the hair at its roots and stopping future growth. 

Laser hair removal treatments only take about 20 minutes and are, for the most part, permanent. Gone will be the days of contorting in the shower and trying not to slip with your leg up on the tub. Not to mention the possibility of ingrown hairs in the bikini are!

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How Much Hair Are We Talking?

We all have our preferences when it comes to our haircuts, even the styles down there. If you walk into a facility asking for a Brazilian, it is typically understood that you want silky smooth skin from front to back. 

Be sure your technician is on the same page — you want to make sure all the unwanted hair is removed. There are a few fairly common terms for the hairstyles down under. 


Removing all the hair. ALL OF IT. We’re talking from above the pubic mound, around the vulva, to the other end zone, if applicable. 

Mini Brazilian

This is just like the Brazilian, but the lasers stay away from the butt. 

Brazilian Plus

Some of us have more body hair than others.  If the hair growth extends further up past the pubic mound, opt for the Brazilian Plus, which will include hair growing further up towards the belly.


Bikini laser hair removals only aim at the hair around the bikini line. This “style” has the smallest treatment area of them all.


If you aren’t quite ready to commit to the full Brazilian, you want more than just the bikini line, the French style may be your ticket. This style stays away from the labia and butt, tidying up the forward-facing hair. 

Don’t forget Shapes!

You can get creative with the pubic hair you have left. There are plenty of shapes and designs that can be left untouched by the lasers. Choose from landing strips, triangles, or whatever you can create with your razor. 

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Be Prepared for Multiple Sessions

The light energy targets the follicles immediately to halt the hair growth. But as we mentioned earlier, you may require a handful of sessions to achieve the best results. The number of Brazilian laser hair removal treatments depends on your hair type. Factors that come into play include:

  • Size of treatment area
  • Hair thickness
  • Growth cycles

After your first sessions you’ll start to notice some hair loss, but it may take anywhere from 5 to 11 more sessions to for permanent hair removal.  After all the sessions it’s common to head back to the laser technician once or twice a year for a touch up.  Hormones and changes in the body can cause new follicle growth. 

Prepping & Aftercare for Your No-No Zone

Prepping for your Session

If you never want to worry about a shaving mishap downstairs again, it’s important to know how to prepare.

In the weeks leading up to being hair-free, you should NOT use any self tanners or sprays. You should also refrain from plucking, waxing, and electrolysis.  In the days leading up to your laser hair removal session, try to avoid any skincare creams or lotions in the area.  The goal is to prevent any ingrown hairs or acne.  

Keep that area of the body as clean and dry as possible and consider exfoliating a night or two before your appointment. If you want to to your preparation to the next level, exfoliatind daily with the Revealer.

Day of the Session

Wear something comfortable and loose-fitting when you head to your appointment. Again, the goal is to keep up the airflow and be as clean and comfortable as possible. You should shave the area that you intend to have lasered.  If you want to keep a shape or any areas of hair, don’t shave in those areas. 


After a session redness and irritation in the pubic area is completely normal. You can use an aloe vera like the Reviver to calm the area down.  Some technicians may advise a little bit of time with an ice pack.

Avoid hot baths or showers for 48 hours to allow the treated area to calm down. It is also recommended to avoid sun exposure for a few weeks afterwards. In general, anything that will make your pubic region sweat should be avoided (think saunas, exercise, etc.)

Pro Tip: Schedule your sessions for your downtime in the winter.  You don’t have to worry about avoiding the sun as much, and you’ll be ready to get tanning by the time summer rolls around. 

The Reviver

The Reviver


The reviver contains our custom formulation of aloe vera, lavender, azulene, and green tea extract to soothe and protect your skin after your IPL treatment. Aloe and Azulene soothe and reduce irritation due from sunburn, chemical peels and IPL treatments. Lavender essential oils… read more

Brazilian Laser vs. Brazilian Wax

Both of these hair removal methods target the same area of the body.  The biggest difference is how long-lasting each method will be. Laser hair removal works by killing off the hair follicles for more permanent hair reduction.  Waxing is plucking small areas of pubic hair from the follicles, it lasts longer than shaving, but hair will grow back in 3 to 6 weeks. 

Some people would have to opt for Brazilian waxing in the past due to different skin types and whether they had light or dark hair making laser hair removal a bit more challenging.

BROzilians — We Wouldn’t Leave Out the Fellas

Laser hair removal isn’t only for women! Guys that are sick of razor burn below the belt can ditch the blades too. A Brozilian, or Mankini, removes all the hair down there. We’re talking shaft, base, butt and everything in between…literally. 

The same general pre and post care apply here.  For men, it is important to really let the area air out and stay cool leading up to the session. Don’t work out or do anything that can cause excess heat to build up. Just let the boys breathe.

Average Cost of Brazilian Laser

Treatment cost will depend on the provider you choose and how many sessions you need.  Earlier we mentioned that the average cost per session was $150-$300.  If you want to know the exact cost before committing to the procedure, look for a medspa that offers free consultations. 

There are now facilities that offer hair removal memberships too. If you’re interested in removing hair from other areas, like your underarms, it may be worth it to look into a location that offers this sort of service.

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Laser Hair Treatment FAQs

We’ve covered the bulk of Brazilian hair removal so that you can feel comfortable baring it all. Here’s a quick FAQ and recap:

Why do I need multiple sessions?

Hair is constantly growing. The light emitted from the laser will only impact the follicles in the active growth stage. Multiple sessions are necessary to ensure that all the follicles are destroyed and the hair removal is permanent

How much will this hurt?

Worried that the Jedi laser aimed at your hoo-ha will hurt? You don’t have to panic! While laser hair removal is not completely painless, the sensation has been described as a light sting, or like a rubber band snapping the skin. Ok, it’s not the most comfortable sensation, but compared to waxing? Definitely preferable.

Are there any side effects?

Slight skin irritation is the most common side effect, but the irritation calms after the procedure.  The possible other risk is pigment changes.  This is why reducing heat in the nether regions and keeping the area free from sweat and lotions is important. 

Will the laser work for all skin tones?

Laser hair removal can be tricky for some hair and skin tone combinations. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) laser works better for medium and light skin tones and dark hair, while a diode laser works better for a larger variety of skin tones and hair types.

And Then There’s the DIY Option

Going in for laser hair removal can be a little uncomfortable, not only because of the light stinging sensations on your skin, but also the stranger focusing all their attention between your legs. Not everyone is fully comfortable doing a pantless happy baby pose during a wax or laser session — and that’s ok.

If you’re ready to be bare, but not ready to bare it all, check out at-home laser hair removal. Our Noodist Kit has you covered (or uncovered?) with our three best-selling products for at-home permanent hair removal. Try it today and be beach ready in 8 weeks or less!

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